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Commenting on a press note issued by Congress titled, “BJP’s Attitude towards J&K unfriendly

Commenting on a press note issued by Congress titled, “BJP’s Attitude towards J&K unfriendly”, Brig Anil Gupta, state spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party said, “Truth is always bitter to swallow is a well-known universal fact. The Congress Spokesperson would have done well by giving a point by point rebuttal of the stated facts rather than giving a sermon to the spokesperson of another political party. In any case, political parties are not mandated to give certificates to other political parties or their leaders, this prerogative rest with the learned public. The job of the political parties is to place facts before the public and leave it for the later to judge.” It is only when the parties are bereft of any issues that they resort to issuing vague statements and levy unsubstantiated allegations as in the instant case, on the other parties. In doing so they forget their past record and performance.
By side-tracking the issue to “contribution to the nation of Gandhi-Nehru family”, the Congress spokesperson has accepted the fact that he had nothing to counter the argument that the Kashmir impasse is a legacy of this family. Instead of indulging in blame-game for the current situation Congress will do well to cooperate in restoring the normalcy in Kashmir, advised Brig Gupta. It is true that “Congress needs no certificate of patriotism from BJP” as claimed by the Congress spokesperson but what he has to say to the certificate given by Hafiz Saeed, a proclaimed international terrorist, who in an interview to a Pakistani news channel is reported to have praised a few Congress leaders who said to BJP that, “Pakistan is not responsible for what is happening in Kashmir,” questioned Brig Gupta. Congress party is thoroughly exposed and needs to clarify to the people of Jammu and Ladakh its stand on the demand of ‘greater autonomy’.