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Four member core committee of Bharatiya Janata Party visited displaced employees

Four member core committee of Bharatiya Janata Party visited displaced employees, who are on a dharna at Relief Commissioner’s Office complex for the last 13 days. All the core committee members gave a patient hearing to the woeful tale of the displaced employees and their experience of serving in the valley for the last five to six years.
While expressing their angusih and resentment, the leaders of the displaced employees raised their plight and sufferings in one voice andstated that they are ready to serve in valley but the present situation is not suitable where we are being humiliated and added that they would return only when the displaced community is settled with dignity and honour as per the aspirations of the whole community.
Narinder Singh, State General Secretary BJP, J&K stated that “I heard you and we are also aware of the pathetic condition you are going through for the last six years and we also salute your courage that you joined in the valley despite all odds”. He further added that BJP is serious about not only you but all the nationalistic people and I am sure that an immediate solution of your problems will be sought.
While addressing the manmoth gathering Chandji Bhat, President BJP Kashmir Displaced District, reiterated that BJP was with the displaced community in 1990 and will be always with them with the same spirit.
Whole expressing his concern, MLC Ramesh Arora assured the gathering of displaced employees that BJP has taken a serious note of their problems and prevailing political conditions in the valley and cautioned the employees regarding any exploitation. He said that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and under no circumstances the BJP will compromise on that. He said we will definitely take a collective decision in the regard.
While expressing his concern, MLC Surinder Ambardar was highly appreciative of the displaced employees who took the challenge six years back where they joined in the valley and further added that he himself is a witness to that. He further assured the displaced employees that we will leave no stone unturned for the solution of their problems.
While concluding his speech, he said that I will plead your case since I belong to you and the representative of displaced community if need be at the highest level too
The team was accompanied by Vice Presidents Sharda Nandan Bhar, J.L. Pandita, General Secretary P.L. Dhar, S. Gurpurab Singh Incharge Singh Samab.