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Cong misleading people on the name of democracy: Pawan

The Congress and its leaders have no right to talk of the democratic rights and eroding of the sanctity of democratic institutions, when it has itself subverted the same time and again. Its leaders from Jammu are making hue and cry on the name of democracy when the people have outrightly rejected the party for its policy aimed at crushing the democracy in the past. The leaders like Raman Bhalla has nothing to claim and the only work left with him and his colleagues is to make baseless, false and misleading statements just to remain in public domain.

This was stated by BJP State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria, while rebuffing the allegations of Congress leader that the BJP-PDP is delaying the elections of Urban Local Bodies and that the citizens are deprived of their democratic rights and sanctity of democratic institutions is being eroded, said that whatever Raman Bhalla has alleged is white lie. Infact, it has been the Congress which deprived the people of their democratic rights and crushed the sanctity of democratic institutions in the country in the past.

Pawan Khajuria reminded the Congress leader that it was the Congress at the Centre in 1975 when emergency was imposed for 21 months and all the democratic rights of the common citizens ceased. Such was the situation that jails were filled with the political opponents of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She ruled by decree, elections were suspended, civil liberties were curbed and the press was censored. Several other human rights violations were reported from the time, including a forced mass-sterilisation campaign spearheaded by Sanjay Gandhi, the Prime Minister’s son. It has been the black period of independent India’s history.

Pawan Khajuria refreshed the memory of Congress leader that the term of the last Urban Local Bodies in Jammu & Kashmir ended in 2010 and the elections to the same needed to be undertaken on time but the Congress was in chair and it did not conduct the said elections. The BJP has always been in favour of strengthening the democratic institutions. BJP coalition is working towards the process of holding the elections to the ULBs and Panchayats but the Congress leader has no patience and is misleading the people on the name of democracy, which is very unfortunate.