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Cong, NC governments abandoned Shahpur Kandi Project : Dr. Narinder

Holding the previous governments of NC and Congress in the state responsible for abandoning the Shahpur Kandi Project, BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh said that the recent signing of agreement on this prestigious venture between the State Governments of Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir is a historic devepolment which will add to the irrigaion facilities besides getting share in power generation. On its completion, this mega project is going to benefit the rural population of Kathua and Samba districts of Jammu region.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that the inking of the agreement on the instance of Union government is also reflective of the concern of Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards acceleratig the work on newly commissioned projects and resume all such important projects which came to halt during the regime of the past governments of Congress and NC in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
“After formation of coalition in the state, our government as well as the BJP had been regularly raising the issue of Shahpur Kandi Project with the BJP led NDA government at the centre and finally succeded in getting the work started again, which is one of the major achievement for the Jammu region”, Dr. Narinder Singh said and added that since the project was going to be more beneficial to Jammu region, the previous Valley centric governments of Congress and NC did not show any interest towards it, which is very unfortunate and highly condemnable.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that as per the agreement, water will be reaching upto Samba district through canal and obviously boost the irrigation facilities thus proving bonus for the farming community, whose crops would no loner fail for lack of water. It will also provide 20 per cent of the electricity, which will be a great respite for the consumers, particularly the farmers. He expressed hope that the Project will be completed at the earliest and appealed the people of Jammu not to get misled by the false and misleading statements of the Kashmir based political parties and their opportunist leaders.