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Daljit Singh Chib State Advisory Board for Development of Kisans today visited the fields at Kanacheck

Shri Daljit Singh Chib (MoS), Vice Chairman J&K State Advisory Board for Development of Kisans today visited the fields of one of the progressive farmer namely  one of the progressive farmer Dunda Singh in Kanacheck Area where  turmeric (Haldi) has been planted on about 13 Hectares of Land by him.

Mr. Chib was accompanied by the District Level officers of Agriculture and allied sectors appreciated the role being played by S.Dunda Singh in the field of Agriculture and said that other farmers should follow the foodsteps of this progressive farmer.He said that a farmer is doing all the hardships to produce a quality production to boost his economy.

He further said  in order to save the distress sale the Government has introduced  that new procurement policy which a farmer friendly programme to have easy access to the Government established procurement Centres at a very close distance. He said that our State has successfully introduced the mechanism of procurement so that farmers can be encouraged to carry on with the agriculture activities and get maximum returns due to pro farmer policies of the Government.

The Vice Chairman said  that the primary goal of the farmers should be how to double the income .He said that it is the need of the hour that our State should go for organic farming .

Lastly he appreciated S. Dunda Singh, a progressive farmer and the officers of Agriculture and allied Sectors for showing excellent results in the fields.