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Demonetisation biggest economical face-lift since independence: Sethi

Terming demonetization as the most significant and historical decision taken by any government post independence, State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, in a press statement that it has changed the perception of belongingness to Nation building.  It has opened space for citizens who live life with honesty and has denounced materialistic progress at the cost of honesty and Nationalism.

Eradication of corruption and dishonesty had been subject of debates and claims in political circles and remained mere slogan under Congress regime. For the first time, nation is seeing an honest and effective effort by Govt of the day to take harsh step to get rid of menace of corruption, black money, fake currency and money laundering.

Sunil Sethi further said that though the decision on demonetization caused some difficulties, which at places were made more because of greed of some people but the masses stood by the effort of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to move country on the path of honesty, mutual concern and progress. Such is faith of people in Prime Minister that personal inconveniences are ignored by them for larger public good.

Prime Minister has proved himself to be Builder of Resurgent India, which will progress with integrity and honesty and where growth will be real. In new India, it will be of greater importance to be Honest and the approach of ‘ Chalta Hai ‘ will not work anymore. Awaken India will be more concerned and proactive to check any effort to pollute society.

Sethi further said that the repeated efforts by political parties to politicize the move has failed to impress the masses as people have firmly rejected double talks. With wealth in circulation and lot of money at the disposal of government, it’s time to be ready for unprecedented growth and development which be usher country on path of success. He also congratulated the people to be part of historic effort of cleansing political and social life.