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Dr. Gagan Bhagat Member Legislative Assembly Strongly oppose the strategy that has been adopted by the Administration in implementing it, in the R.S Pura Constituency

Dr.Gagan Bhagat Member Legislative Assembly Strongly oppose the strategy that has been adopted by the Administration in implementing it, in the R.S Pura Constituency. The issue of BIFURCATION has not been resolved and it is creating confusion among the common masses, and R.S Pura Constituency owing to its rich cultural tradition has a JOINT FAMILY Culture and according to the present method adopted is that at a maximum SIX members of a family will be given 30 Kg of Ration under the present Plan adopted by the government, and in which 12 kg of Rice and 18kg of Wheat grains will be provided. And what will happen in case of JOINT families which are in abundance in R.S Pura constituency and adding to the problem the department has also failed to perform the BIFURCATION of the Ration Card, and no new Ration Card has been created , so the Joint family will not get the ration, when the government is planning “Food for All” .One more flaw in the present NFSA is that the officials deputed for the purpose have no knowledge regarding the act because they are from different field and A.W.W and the Gram Sewaks have no idea about the act, and if the department would have placed I.T Literate persons in doing that so along with the concerned dealers the results would have been outstanding. The data punched is completely wrong and has many discrepancies in it , and due to which several persons who are earning lakhs are listed in the B.P.L List, and the deserving ones are left out, the list also wrongly write Wife of in place of daughter of this has been taken seriously by some religious organizations , and the spelling mistakes is there in almost in every third case. The officials are demanding State Subjects from the ration card holders, and since R.S Pura Constituency have lot of West Pakistan Refugees which are getting the benefit of Ration previously , but due to the present guideline those who do not possess the State Subject will not be benefitted under the said NFSA.And the issue of State Subjects is very much complex the S.D.M who is posted at R.S Pura has completely failed to speed up the State Subject issue and there is thousands of cases of State Subject pending at SDM Office R.S Pura.The probationers are sent here to get trained in the Sub Division , as R.S Pura is an TRAINING INSTITUTE whether it is an IAS, IPS ,KAS or KPS , due to lack of experience the probationers failed to solve the basic problems of R.S Pura Sub-Division. If the administration does not take a positive step and rectify the said issues the B.J.P workers and common people who are suffering due to this will come on roads and will not allow the C.A.P.D to function as it has completely failed to provide “Food for All”, rather it has been seen as “Food to some” , I also request H.E the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir to kindly intervene in the matter so that the situation be controlled from turning bad to worst.Dr.P.P Singh Spokesperson BJP Distt. Committee, and Nathram RS Pura Mandal Pradhan were also present in the Press conference.