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Dr. Gagan holds “Janta Darbaar” at village Chak Aslam in R.S Pura

Fulfilling his commitments towards the people of R.S Pura Constituency, M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat organized “ Janta Darbar” at Village Chak Chak Aslam, where large number of villagers were present along with their grievances. Dr. Gagan said that he had committed to the people of R.S Pura that he will regularly organize “Janta Darbars” (Grievances Camps ) to address small and genuine demands of the people. Many villagers were seen complaining the legislator regarding the Old age pensions case been delayed ,and many of them were complaining that their monthly pensions were not relieved by the department, Dr. Gagan gave them patient hearing to all the villagers and later on assured them that the complaints of the resident of village Chak Aslam will be rectified within two weeks time positively. Another deputation met the M.L.A from nearby village of Koulan and apprised the Legislator of shabby condition of Lane starting from the main road towards the village, and they also demanded shed for the cremation ground which is a common for all the two villages of the Panchyat .While briefing the visiting delegation Dr. Gagan assured them that soon he will send the technical officials from the rural development department who will prepare a detail estimate of the said Lane and the cremation shed and the issue that was pending for several years will be taken care of , as Bharatiya Janta Party is committed to provide a uniform and continuous development to the people of R.S Pura Constituency and being a loyal soldier of the party he will fulfill all the demands of the local residents in his tenure, and an era of development has been started in Jammu & Kashmir but due Kashmir issue several developmental process had received a set back, and the current situation at Kashmir is due to the opposition parties like National Conference, Congress and other small regional parties who ruled the state for past several years and played with the sentiments of Jammuites and Kashmiris and same they are doing now ,the Kashmiri youths are on wrong path and at this time everyone should come forward whether from every political, religious or social group and deal with the situation, as the Central government has taken a strong stand in the case of Kashmir and the Separatists who were given lot of hard cash by the parties like Congress which ruled the country and is the main culprit for the present scenario in Kashmir, we are handling them with an iron fist and in a fit of rage they are killing our loyal soldiers and persons from belt forces who are giving their duty with complete responsibility, it is very unfortunate that some separatists goons lynched an officer of JKP who was on his official duty, they want to create a terror and this strategy of blackmailing and killing is the main weapon of Separatists and Pakistan and both of them are hand in glove with each other , this coalition of Separatists-Pakistan is supported by none other than Congress and NC leaders who are supporting them in every field, but we will nail them as we have a very powerful team of leaders at the centre which will soon normalize the Kashmir situation. Dr. Bhagat also assured that the incomplete works will be completed very soon. On the occasion Dr. Gagan Bhagat also announced a two Transformers Electric Sub-Station of 400 KVA & 250 at village Chak Aslam, as it was the genuine demand of the people since more than five years and despite several reminders and requests to the officials of the department and representatives in the previous NC-Congress regime, no interest was shown and people suffered, but now Dr. Gagan has shown immediate interest especially in the works that were pending for years said Choudhary Ajeet Singh .Local youths and females also informed about street light, cleanliness, and drinking water problems, Toilet facilities and incomplete cremation ground of Village Chak Aslam and Qutabnizam along with bathroom for females , on this Dr.Gagan instructed the authorities to prepare the estimate at the earliest so that up gradation of Cremation ground at Chak Aslam could be taken up along with the bathroom facilities for the females. On the occasion several leaders from NC, Congress and PDP joined BJP .Those who were present on the occasion included, Inder Sudan, Harbhajan Singh, Ch.Ajeet Singh, Numberdaar Jaswant Singh, Numberdaar Yashpaul, Bachan Singh, Devraj (Retd Principal) Sewaram, Bodhraj (Retd ASI) ,Jagmohan Singh(Retd S.I), Ramlal, Bhanu Charak, Chander Bhushan,Gurbachan Singh ,Sachin Gupta and others.