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Dr.Gagan starts several developmental works at R.S Pura

Much awaited Link road from Meshian to Kirpind was formally started yesterday when M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat inaugurated the Shingling work which will be completed in the next couple of month with the complete Macadamization in the summer, with a total cost of more than Rs. 25 Lacs.The said road is an important link between the Miran Sahib and the border villages and lot of time will be saved with the construction of the said road. While addressing a gathering at village Meshian Dr.Gagan Bhagat said that as he has promised with the locals he has delivered and this is the basic difference between the B.J.P Govt. and the other political parties which ruled the state. He also announced work on the Community Hall at Village Meshian which will be started under the Convergence Scheme incorporating Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F) ,M.P.L.A.D.S , and M.G.N.R.E.G.A, the said Hall will have an estimated cost of Rs.30 Lacs. Further Dr.Gagan also announced a Lane & Drain work in the village out of his C.D Fund on the demands of the B.J.P’s Mahila Morcha workers and office bearers of R.S Pura Constituency. Later on Dr.Gagan Bhagat also started two lane and drain works at Ward No.6 & 8 of Municipal Committee R.S Pura amounting to Rs.8 Lacs, these are being constructed under the special fund provided by the Dy.C.M Dr.Nirmal Singh for R.S Pura Constituency amounting to Rs.20 Lacs in totality on the request of Dr.Gagan Bhagat. While addressing the locals on the occasion Dr.Gagan said that the people can judge themselves that the work done during the tenure of BJP govt. and the several years ruled by the N.C & Congress , and today nobody can ignore the ground reality of the development. The locals also put forwarded some demands to the legislator who listened them patiently and he on spot directed the P.D.D officials to visit the area today itself and prepare the estimate so that the developmental works could be started at the earliest, the locals thanked Dr.Gagan Bhagat and assured their full support to the Bhartiya Janta Party in the coming P.R.I and Local body polls. He called upon the youths to avail the benefits from the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and through Skill Development Mission they can change their life ,as through the self employment programs they can become job providers rather than job seekers .While attacking on the opposition parties he said that these people has only one thing left with them that is they can only scream and raise hue and cry ,the reality is that these parties like Congress , and N.C who have ruled the state for more than sixty five years are the traitors and sole responsible for the plight of the people here in Jammu or in Kashmir, he further added that people can judge themselves that the long pending works which were ignored are being done by the BJP govt. in the state and BJP led govt. at the centre, and people should identify these people and now they are trying to once again fool the people, but now the people and youth in particular will expose these people. Prominent among those who were present included Tehsildaar R.S Pura, S.H.O R.S Pura Bhushan Manhas, E.O R.S Pura Jodhraj, A.E.E P.D.D Manjeet Singh, B.D.O R.S Pura Sanchi Mishra ,B.J.P City President Inder Sudan, B.J.P Mandal Pradhan Natharam, Om Prakash Chachu, Lucky Chabbra, Gurdeep Saini, Abhishek Gupta, Naveen Bharti, Jitender Singh Raju, Rajkumar Babbi, Rajesh Babbu, Omprakash Sharma, Balakram, and several BJP Workers and Office Bearers .