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Safe return home of Kulbhushan is far away: Brig Gupta

Welcoming the verdict given by International Court of Justice (ICJ) in India’s favour rejecting all the arguments of Pakistan, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, has said in a press statement that it was only the first battle won of what is going to be a longish and gruelling campaign from now onwards. Brig Gupta further stated that today,ie, 19 May 2017 will be the first test of Pakistan’s sincerity towards honouring the verdict of the International Court mandated by the UN since the last date to appeal against the verdict of the military court expires today. It is not clear whether Kulbhushan Jadhav has appealed or not. It would be interesting to wait and watch Pak’s response, remarked Brig Gupta. 

Referring to the reported reference in the Pakistani media of the earlier non-compliance of ICJ verdict by USA and China, Brig Gupta said, “Pak is no USA or China. But at the same time one cannot ignore the fact that it is a Rogue state with a sham civil government. Real power lies with the Army that is not accountable to the international community. The Pakistan Army is known to put the civilian government in embarrassing situations as it happened in Kargil.” Listening to the statements emanating from Islamabad it appears that Pak is not going to give in easily. Treachery is in the DNA of Pakistan. No statement has emanated from Rawalpindi as yet except a few retired military officers shouting loudly on TV screens that no interference in Pakistan’s national security will be tolerated. It exposes the mind-set of all powerful Pakistan Military establishment, rued Brig Gupta.

India has to evolve political, diplomatic and military options to ensure Pak does not commit the heinous crime of executing the death sentence of an innocent Indian. To get Kulbhushan Jadhav back home safe and alive is the bottom line as far India is concerned. Else, it would have a demoralising effect on the vast Indian diaspora which will start feeling unsafe.

Brig Gupta demanded that to begin with Pak must produce Kulbhushan Jadhav before Red Cross or international media to negate the lurking fear that already he may have been eliminated. “Provision of Consular access is also doubtful to my mind. Because that will burst the military establishment’s balloon of lies.

We have miles to go before we sleep and get back Kulbhushan Jadhav safely to India”, mulled the spokesperson.