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Dr Suresh Ajay Magotra felicitated at Rajouri

State President BJYM, Dr Suresh Ajay Magotra was welcomed by BJYM Rajouri. A bike Rally was organized by Yuva Morcha activist led by District President, BJYM, Rajouri,  Raja Ranjeet Singh on Dr Magotra arrival, which after passing from main market commences at Dak Bunglow Rajouri. Later a meeting was organised with Yuva Morcha activist at Dak Bunglow Rajouri in which State General Secretary, BJYM Tarun Sharma, State Secretary and Prabhari District Rajouri,  Adv Gurdev Thakur, State Media Secretary Hari OM Sharma was also present.

Addressing the Yuva Morcha activist, Dr Magotra asked them to share suggestions, making healthy environment in the team. He asked team to ​hold regular/ monthly district level meetings, involve themselves in problems of people. Dr. Magotra added, more meetings held will add new learnings to an individual/ team and we will together become more result oriented activists. He said, few important factors which makes a great team, are Division of work, Evolving respect and trust among people.  Dr. Magotra further said, thinking about individual performance is more important than individual’s position. Seeking blessings from people is one of the essential pillars of politics. He also strongly insisted BJYM team members to read and be informed about how party thinks differently ​than others in opposition, on various issues on daily basis. Dr Magotra further said that we need to make sure, that all good policies and benefits planned by PMO should reach to common people. This is possible, when team works shoulder to shoulder and with great coordination with each other in given frame of time.

He also said that Yuva Morcha will organize awareness camp on chemical drugs, and will try to make an anti-chemical Drug environment. Some antinational elements are trying to destroy our young treasure by putting them in chemical drugs culture, which not only ruining the youths career but also have a direct negative impact on our country, we as an responsible youth wing of the worlds largest political party needs to work against this 3D Culture (i.e) Drink, Drug and Dance.