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Farooq playing communal card to lure voters: Dr. Narinder

Lashing out at Farooq Abdullah, NC President & candidate for Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency, the State BJP has charged the NC leader of playing communal card for vote bank politics and termed the same as most unfortunate kind of mean to lure the voters. Statements on the basis of religion during the poll campaigning need to be taken cognizance by the Election Commission and action be initiated for such act.
BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, while condemning the use of religion by Farooq Abdullah during election public meeting in Kangan, said that such type of politics is not healthy as it may lead to hatred and divide among people of different faiths. He said that religion should not be the mean to seek votes but one’s programmes for the people should be highlighted by any contesting candidate. He said that by openly seeking support from Jamaat-e-Islami on the name of Islam to cater to his own personal need of winning this election by polarizing the peace loving communities Farooq Abdullah has committed a sin in the eye of society as well as law of land.
Dr. Narinder Singh reminded the people of the valley that the NC leaders change colours like chameleons and always try to mislead the innocent voters on one pretext or the other. Such party and its candidates should be shown the door for strengthening the social bonds and maintain communal harmony.
Dr. Narinder Singh said that the Congress also owe an explanation and need to clear its stand whether it believes in politics based on religion and caste as Congress senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had shared dais with the Farooq Abdullah when the NC candidate sought votes from the people by using religion as a mean to attract them towards him. The Congress, if disagree with the views of Farooq Abdullah, it should seek an apology from the people of the state. Silence on part of the Congress would mean that it is no different from the NC and endorses whatever Farooq Abdullah have been saying in public rallies.