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Farooq should honour mandate of UP voters: Prof. Gupta

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta condemned the outburst of Farooq Abdullah on the massive mandate that BJP received in the Uttra Pradesh State Assembly and added that he should honour the mandate of the voters of Uttar Pradesh who voted for BJP, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion and stop looking everything through the communal glasses. He was also critical of his statement on the PDP-BJP alliance government, terming it as surrender of PDP to the communal forces. He said that the NC also entered into an alliance with BJP at the Centre when Omar Abdullah was Minister of State in Vajpayee’s Cabinet and perceiving that the Narendra Modi’s government in Gujrat was wrongly implicated in the false propaganda for instigating the communal riots, he continued to hold the berth in the Vajpayee’s government.
Prof. Virender Gupta also condemned the Abdullah family for off and on criticizing the Government of India and present state government for their actions against the separatists and the terrorists who have led a reign of terror in the valley and disturbed the peace and tranquillity in the valley on the behest of Pakistan, ISI and ISIS. He said that the habit to equate Pakistan with India, an age old rhetoric of self styled Kashmiri leaders is completely rubbish, ridiculous, unethical and nothing except a bundle of lies. He further said that had Maharaja not signed the Instrument of Accession and had Indian forces not saved Valley by sending its troops, the future of Kashmir and the so called Kashmiryat would have been doomed. There would have been no autonomy, no article 370 and no one among the Kashmiri would have dared to raise anti-India and Pro-Azadi slogans.
He also asked the Abdullah family that had Maharaja sticked to his guns, not given way to Sheikh Abdullah and had Pt. Nehru not shown his gesture to accommodate his uncompromising demands thereby introducing Article 370 in Indian constitution, what would have been fate of Abdullah family and the course that it would have adopted.