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First address Delimitation, Refugee-Migrant, SC/ST, Panchati Raj Act

No New Condition Acceptable For The Formation Of Govt., Implement The Agenda First

To discuss the present political scenario in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, a youth conference was organized which was charied by BJP MLA Nowshera, Ravinder Raina & MLA Akhnoor, Rajeev Sharma.
Addressing the youth conference Ravinder Raina said that in order to give a stable government to the state of J&K, BJP tied alliance with a party of opposite political ideology. He said that people of Jammu regions gave mandate to BJP & PDP emerged as a party with mandate in Kashmir, thus an alliance was a political & constitutional obligation to serve the people of state, in real spirit.
Raina said that it is a misfortune of the people of the state that there is no government in the state for past 2 months;, post the demise of ex chief minister. On being asked by youth about any new conditions laid down by PDP, Raina categorically said that there is no scope for anything beyond the already agreed Agenda of Alliance. He added that the core issues mentioned in Agenda of Alliance such as Delimitation of assembly seats, rights & settlement of all the issues pertaining to the POJK & West Pakistan refugees, proper rehabilitation of people staying in border & LOC areas, the implementation of all constitutional rights of SC/ST and empowerment of Panchayats & Urban Local Bodies by incorporating 73rd & 74th amendment of constitution in J&K should be addressed first, before even thinking about any further conditions.
As per Raina, BJP expects the present leadership of PDP to honor the Agenda of Alliance under common minimum program doctored along with ex CM Mr Mufti and to exhibit faith in his wisdom. He said that people should expect the re-formation of BJP-PDP lead coalition government in the state soon.
On being asked if the PDP does not honor the already agreed Agenda of Alliance, he said that BJP will explore other options but would not bow down to PDP.
Addressing the youth conference, MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma said that BJP is committed towards the welfare of people of J&K. He said that it was our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who announced a mega package of 80,000 crore for our state & it is our responsibility to utilize this package in a proper way.
He said that people voted us to see the state being governed under a democratic government & not under Governor Rule. He said that PDP should not run away from responsibilities & they should not get adamant by putting forth new conditions. He said that agenda of alliance was that basis of formation of government last year which took care of equilateral development and now new conditions will be accepted.
Peominent among those who attented the conference were Ajay Pargal, Karan Sharma, Kulbir Charak, Ajay Vaid, Ishant Gupta, Dr Gurpreet Singh, Rajat Mahajan, Ankit Gupta, Rahul Sharma, Sunil Sharma, Himanshu Gupta, Amit Gupta, Tushar Mahajan, Rohit slathia, Rohit Gupta & others.