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Graveyard of Health Department Ambulances visited MLC

Ramesh Arora MLC met with Director Health Services and thereafter visited workshop of ambulances at Nagrota maintain by Health department. After seeing the condition of vehicles and continuous loss on the state exchequer Arora declare workshop of health department as graveyard of running ambulances and non repairable ambulances .Approximately more than 500 vehicles are still on road in Jammu region and if we include other vehicles it will be approximately 696 vehicles and maximum are ambulances. There is no trained mechanic who can repair the engine, there is not even proper ramps there is no system/tools required for repair of engine.
Arora further stated that many vehicles were brought here with minor damage and the same remained here for years together and turned into dead condition. Many vehicles could have been saved. Arora said if we cannot carry on the repair and maintenance system why we have employed 20 person approximately including clerical staff.
Arora suggested Director Health services that successive governments have converted workshop for repair into graveyard of vehicles but warned him that he should visit spot personally and should see to it that the vehicles which can still be repaired should be repaired and distributed.
Arora said that an estimate is required to be prepared about the original cost of vehicles and losses suffer due to negligent behaviour of management and administration.
Arora suggested that at present about 500 ambulances were disclosed out of which approximately 450 are still on road should be connected with proper internet system and it is not sufficient that new vehicles will be connected with GPS and old vehicles worth 1000 crore are allowed to perish because so called GPS system of 102 is not properly maintained. Approximately 450 drivers are there and in some places more than one vehicle are left at the disposal of one driver of department .we cannot only blame the previous government about this major irregularity. Now it is time that our government has decided to take it seriously and Arora said that matter will be taken up with all concern including Commissioner Secretary and Minister and if needed matter will be raised in both houses so that we cannot escape from our collective responsibility. In a separate note Arora will furnish the detail but said that successive government and their officials should be made liable for causing loss to the state exchequer and proper enquiry is required in this matter.