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Koul chaired State working committee meeting of BJP ST Morcha

 State Working Committee Meeting of BJP ST Morcha held at Party Headquarter Trikuta Nagar Jammu. The meeting was chaired by State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul. Meeting was attended by State President BJP ST morcha Dr. Tahir Chowdhary, Member Parliament Jammu Poonch Lok Sabha Jubal Kishore Sharma, All Morcha Parbhari and VC JAKFED Munish Sharma, Ex MP & Senior BJP leader Ch Talib Hussain, State General Secretary ST Morcha and all State Office Bearers ST Morcha and Distt Presidents of BJP ST Morcha. While interacting with State Working Committee Members of ST Morcha Ashok Koul taken the report of morcha Committee in Distt and Mandal level to strength the party. He further said that Bharatiya Janata Party is well aware of problem faced by tribal community in state and party is working for the development of Tribals in every corner of the state. He further stressed the Tribal leadership to work for the upliftment of tribals and educate the ground worker to getting the benefit of Various Schemes of State and Central govt lunched for the development of Tribals.
While speaking on the occasion, Jugal Kishore Sharma steered to the ST leadership to work for the development of Tribals and he also assured that he is working day and night for the development of whole needy people, and stressed on the STs to unit and work with dedication for the party, he further said that Bharatiya Janata Party and Govt led by Narendra Modi is focusing for Upliftment of Tribals.
Interacting with STs leadership Parbhari all Morcha Munish Sharma highlighted the various scheme lunched by the state and Central govt. and he also highlighted the various programs lunched by the Bharatiya Janata Party for strengthen of Party and development of drown trodden community.
While speaking, State President ST Dr Tahir Chowdhary said that ST Morcha is strengthening day by day. As morcha is going to lunch state wide joining programmes of STs. He further said that Morcha will educate the Tribal Community to get the benefits of various schemes lunched by the Central Govt. Chowdhary Talib Hussain EX MP and Senior BJP Leader. While speaking said that ST Morcha have to play a key role for the upliftment of tribal community where there is need of hour. He urged the top leadership of Party to focus towards the Tribal development especial nomads and it is our duty to protect them. But unfortunately some forces trying to Distroy the brotherhood of Jammu Division. He said that Gujjar tribal is a pure nationalist and development of this community is need of hour. We have to come forward to maintain Brotherhood and peace in the state. He further said that Bhartiya Janta Party strengthening is need of hour if we need development our tribal areas. The other those who were present in meeting as Chowdhary Mushtaq Inqlabi, state Gen Sec ST Morcha, Bashir Khatana, Bashir Jagal, Haroorn Terwa, Abdul Raman Tikri, Vina Devi etc.