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Has Omar Abdullah given up on Jammu?

Omar’s consternation  and vehement protest calling sanction of IIM for Jammu as ‘blatantly partisan politics’ leaves political pundits wondering whether he has finally given up on Jammu.

Its amazing learning Omar Abdullah, one full term chief minister under oath responsible for development of state as one entity without regional bias and also the one regarded as being secular, could not conceal his fond love for Kashmir he hails from, over Jammu, said Bijral, the spokesperson. He said Union govt. under PM Narinder Modi regards the state and not Kashmir as crown of Bharat and in unmistakable terms is set to bring the far neglected state at par with other 28 states of country and allotment of AIMS to Kashmir in first instance is a proof enough.

Bijral the former senior cop said Omar’s twitter rhetoric, apparently for love of  valley, is in fact an attempt to salvage fast the political space he has lost in Jammu and shrinking of same in Kashmir is staring his party in face. National Conference party that once called strokes in J&K politics with 57 seats won in 1996 assembly elections, gaining 17 seats over 40 won in election before, finds its no. dwindling from 28 in 2002 & 2008 to finally 15 in 2014 elections. The electorates in valley found alternate in PDP, and BJP in Jammu. With coalition govt. of BJP and PDP set to give stable welfare oriented governance, NC and its coalition ally INC find themselves in unimaginably worrisome situation. That’s why, Bijral said, that Omar Abdullah, working president of NC, is playing its master though risky stroke of embracing Kashmir over Jammu to check its further obliteration at hands of PDP, seeing Jammu already swept by BJP.

Omar Abdullah’s allegation that CM Mehbooba Mufti has sold her political agenda to remain in power, selling off her soul is nothing but political gimmickry. Bijral said Mehbooba Mufti like her late father Mufti Mohd. Syed is committed for over all development of state as one unit like any other capable leader would like to do. He hoped that BJP /PDP coalition govt shall not get distracted by these barbs of leaders who have all their time to hog media light, and would work steadfastly to meet the aspirations of the electorates that voted them to power.