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Hurriyat exposed, reveals its true colour: BJP

BJP has strongly condemned the statement of Ghulam Nabi Sumji Deputy General Secretary of Hurriyat (G) in which he stated, “inspiration for the freedom struggle of Kashmir is only Islam and establishing a model Islamic state is our first and last objective.” BJP spokesperson said, “Hurriyat is ‘His Master’s Voice’ and speaks the language Pakistan wants it to speak. It has no ideology of its own and is a puppet of Pakistan’s ISI. It is for this reason that its leaders rush to the Pakistan High commission at the first given opportunity.” Kashmir is a part of Jammu & Kashmir state which is an integral part of India is a non-negotiable fact and no power on earth can separate Kashmir from India, said Brig Gupta. Such uncalled for statement by the Hurriyat leader is aimed at disturbing communal harmony in the state and instil a sense of fear and uncertainty in the minds of the minorities but the nationalist cadre of BJP is always ready to meet such challenges and ensure the unity and integrity of the people of the state.
Brig Gupta further stated that the creation of an ‘Islamic State’ is the declared aim of terrorist outfits like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, LET, JEM and Taliban. Hurriyat through the statement of its Deputy General Secretary has acknowledged the fact that it is working to further the agenda of these terrorist organisations in the State. Such open and defiant support of these dreaded terrorist outfits by the Hurriyat demands an immediate ban on it as all these terrorist outfits are already facing an international ban. Brig Gupta drew the attention of Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad to the statement of his name sake and questioned his silence in condemning the Hurriyat while he has been making wild allegations against a patriotic organisation like the RSS. Brig Gupta also appealed to all secular and patriotic people of the state to come forward and vehemently oppose the mischievous statement of the Hurriyat. Brig Gupta said that Pakistan which has launched a proxy war against India and is openly sponsoring terror will never succeed in its nefarious design of disintegrating India particularly Jammu & Kashmir. He also criticised the Pakistan High Commissioner for inviting the Hurriyat leaders for Pakistan Day function in New Delhi.