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Issue-less opposition wandering in dark: Sh. Sanjay Baru

Owing to the growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his plethora of public welfare schemes for the common masses and the prevalence of good governance in the Centre by BJP led NDA government, the opposition in Centre as well as the state of J&K, where BJP-PDP coalition is working successfully keeping aspiration of all the people from three regions fulfilled, is rendered issueless and now the leaders of these parties are wandering in dark in search of a life-saving remedy, this was stated by BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru while taking to task the opposition parties for unleashing a false and misleading campaign against the Modi government at the Centre and the BJP coalition in Jammu & Kashmir.
Sanjay Baru exclaimed that PM Modi has time and again showed a soft corner towards the state of J&K in the distraught times specifically proving that how much the Govt. of India is concerned for the return of peace and prosperity in the state. He mentioned about the special package of 80,000 crore to meet the aspiration of all the three regions of the state and due to this fact the opposition is feeling frustrated and trying to raise irrelevant specks.
Sanjay Baru claimed that during the last over three years, Narendra Modi government has introduced work culture, checked corruption and taken numerous initiatives aimed at the welfare of poor, weaker sections, farmers, youth, women, Ex-servicemen etc. Similarly, the State Government too has launched various people-centric and development-oriented schemes in the state, with the sole motive of bringing progress and prosperity.
Sanjay Baru advised the leaders of opposition parties to read the writing on the wall and support the Modi government for his untiring efforts in making India a prosperous and developed Nation. He said that in J&K, it has become a custom for the opposition parties to make a hue and cry on non-issues just for political survival, which exposes their leaders for being chair hungry instead of standing with the government in bringing peace, normalcy, and development at all levels and in all matters.