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Opposition parties should honour PM appeal: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta, welcomed the outcome of the meeting of the leaders (mostly of valley) of opposition parties led by Omar Abdullah with Prime-Minister Narendra Modi and hoped that the Kashmiri leaders of NC, Congress and CPI, shall abide by the appeal given by the Prime Minister that state government and all parties should join hands in reaching out the people and work together for restoration of peace in Kashmir and find solution to the problems in Jammu and Kashmir. He also welcomed the suggestion of the Prime Minister to the opposition leaders that present is not the occasion of blame game for the political parties. He also welcomed the Prime Minster assertions that Government of India accords high priority to safety and well being of the people and do not want to use forces on its own people in the valley, but sometimes it become inevitable. He also hailed the PM statement that Government of India was always available to receive suggestions from political parties to resolve the problem.
Prof. Virender Gupta said that it is a welcome step on the part of opposition leaders for not mentioning Pakistan or separatists and not making any demand for sending an all party delegation to Kashmir though, previously they had been insisting on it.
The Spokesperson hoped that the opposition leaders, instead of indulging in blame game, exciting the people against the government, would work at ground level, approach the people and try to bring normalcy and peace in the valley. He hoped that Omar Abdullah would avoid Tweeting, criticizing the government and provoking the people and instead shall extend his helping hand to the government in meeting the challenge of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and engage his party workers in restoring peace in the valley. He also asked Omar Abdullah that in making any suggestion about the political solution for Jammu and Kashmir to the Government of India, he shall keep in mind the aspirations of the people of Jammu region, Ladakh region, Kashmiri Pandits and other ethnic/religious minorities of the state, who are opposed to the NC agenda of greater autonomy or pre- 1952 position.