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Kavinder visits various Banks, ATMS enquires about people’s grievance

Speaker J&K Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta visited various branches of different banks functioning in Gandhi Nagar area.

The Speaker visited the Punjab National Bank, J&K Bank and State Bank of India and extended helping hand to the people by offering food and water to them.

Speaking on the occasion, Kavinder said that the decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes is the boldest decision ever taken by any government in the last 70 years, it is going to change the fate of our nation and we will become the world leader very soon, he added.

The banks have made good arrangements to accommodate the women, senior citizens, handicap and others. Different counters were made operational for the currency exchange and depositing of the old currency notes in these branches.

He also interacted with the officers and applauded their commitment towards their work and termed this as a duty towards the nation.

The Speaker said, “Such move of the government required political will and it is only the Narendra Modi led NDA government who has the guts of taking and implementing such decision in its true spirits”.

He further said that this whole process will have its multiple effects and it is not only going to check the flow of black money in the market but will be a nightmare for those who are anti-nationalists and are supporting terrorism, separatism and naxalism in one way or the other.

This move of the government is not only aimed at controlling black money but it is going to be a game changer for the students, poor people, unemployed youths and related social evils prevailing in our society, he said.

He said the step taken in favour of the common man by the government will provide a solid foundation to curb the black money menace and corruption in the country and will come out as a boon for the nation.

Appealing to the people who are facing little hardship these days, he said, it is historic step taken by any government and it is now the duty of the citizens to support and cooperate with the government which is working for the larger interests of the society.