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Failed and rejected leaders of Congress/ National Conference are trying their best to trap BJP/PDP govt. functionaries in verbal duel to distract them from governance people badly need and to stay in news for no reason. We ought to govern and not be trapped.
There is no reason for ‘Burhan Wani’ issue to drag this far especially by those who enjoyed power for decades contributing only ills. Their courting a controversy over CM Mehbooba Mufti statement regarding encounter killing of militant is a crafted design, said former IGP S.S.Bijral, BJP state spokesperson. He said leaders who dealt with people through ’twitter’, administered through ‘twitter’ during governance and miserably failed, so much that electorates showed them the door, are focussed to render coalition govt defensive, withdrawn from suffering masses to end up a failure for their return back to power.
Bijral said ‘Burhan Wani’ the upcoming young militant commander, like any other taking to gun, knew the fate of such a course. His death, he said, was a major success of security forces and a major setback for the militant organisation. It’s a non issue forces knew of his presence or not. What CM Mehbooba Mufti said about the incident, a major operational success, is a significant statement set to restore normalcy to ameliorate the compounded sufferings of gullible folks reeling under nearly three weeks of hartals and curfew.
The spokesperson said fight against militancy, a proxy war, unleashed by our neighbour is to take little longer as Pakistan, not learning lesson being devoured by terrorism back home, is set at annexing Kashmir, an integral part of India. The security forces are performing commendably in difficult situations fighting militancy. They would serve nation addedly by avoiding civil casualties to the extent possible. It’s a tragedy that J&K, a border state, is a victim of mis-governance with leaders betraying people trust ever since independence least bothered the state was rated ‘the most corrupt state’ under their rule. Those very leaders , Bijral said, were now shedding crocodile tears to get back to power. He urged upon those in governance to not fall into opposition trap and invest 24×7 to provide succour- the healing touch- to the needy crying in wait.