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Meditation medium for understanding spirituality, ushering peace: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh

Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, said that meditation is the medium for solving various health-related issues like stress, anxiety and the onus lies on the people to follow the path as it can also lead to contentment and understanding the real essence of life and spirituality.
The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking on a function organized in connection with the celebration of 80th Anniversary of Praja Pita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalya held at the Convention Centre here today.
Several eminent personalities like Smt. Nirmala Devi and other dignitaries were also present.
Dr. Singh said the path of peace and mutual co-existence as taught by Sufis and seers is a path to be followed especially in today’s context when certain forces are trying to push us into an era of death, destruction, and chaos. “We should be following the path of meditation and yoga religiously as it leads to self-introspection and also gives us positive energy which in turn leads to a healthy society free from malice, hatred, and violence”, he said and maintained that the Prime Minister has already taken the initiative of introducing the Yoga at Global level which has been received overwhelmingly by people living in various countries across the globe.
While referring to the inclusiveness of the Indian culture, the Deputy Chief Minister said it has the unique feature of accommodation which goes with the universal doctrine of Sarva Dharam Sambhav. He said the uniqueness of our culture was rightly highlighted some centuries back by our great philosopher Swami Vivekananda when he had said that India is the epicenter of spirituality and the related thought processes. The same is being recognized globally nowadays even by our adversaries, he added.
Dr. Singh called upon the people to follow the path of meditation in order to live a healthy life free of anxiety, stress, and hatred. He said this will further help in living a life full of positive energy so that we can contribute our bit in helping our fellow human beings, besides, creating a healthy and powerful nation.
Deputy Chief Minister later distributed awards among persons who had excelled in different fields of life.