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Shri Avinash Rai Khanna lauds return of Kashmiri boy into mainstream

BJP National Vice-President, National Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, former MP, Rajya Sabha & Prabhari J&K unit, Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna, has welcomed the return of 20 years old Kashmiri youth, Majid Khan, to his home after a weeklong stay with a terror outfit operating in Kashmir.
Avinash Rai Khanna, while hailing the decision of Majid, said this is indeed an inspiring development more for the fact that the youth of Kashmir have risen to this realization that unscrupulous elements who woo and persuade them to join ranks of militancy have their own vested interests.
It is pertinent to mention here that Majid Khan had joined terrorist outfit under the influence of certain unwanted elements before he surrendered before security forces with his arms and ammunition.
Khanna said that upon joining the militancy, he was called upon by his mother that he is doing no good for anybody by this decision. Call of his mother, love for motherland and concern for the betterment of the society he lives in, eventually made him leave anti-national elements and return towards a bright future, the BJP leader said.
Khanna said that role of security forces and the administration also needs to be appreciated for his return. He said that in these troubled times the Civil Society has to make more efforts to save the glory of the Valley. He also stressed that the parents have a major role in providing their wards with the moral teachings while guiding them in the right direction. The youth have a greater role and duty for doing good towards their society and the Nation as well as towards their parents and themselves by concentrating on studies, excelling in sports, arts and other fields, the BJP leaders said. Moreover, the youth of Kashmir must follow those who have excelled in various fields in the mainstream rather than getting misled and strayed into traps of terrorist outfits, he added.