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MLA Jammu East and Party chief whip Rajesh Gupta raises the ownership rights of evacue property tennants & PRC.

In his address he said that if  evacuee property is still existing its just because of those persons who are living there from last 70years. Their fourth &fifth generation is living in that houses. Govt.should evaluate the property rate & gave ownership rights to the residents who are living there from last 70 years.He thanks the govt.for waived off premium on construction of house. He said 14 lakh kanal land, 1200 shops & 3800 houses in jammu province .He further appeal to the govt that there is no such department exist in pakistan or in the rest of india. But our state is still having this deptt.kindly freeze this deptt.
He thanks the Govt follow the regular practice of repairing these custodian houses themselves. On speaking on the grants of revenue relief & rehablitation he said make the procedure of making state subject should be made easy so that public doesn’t harrased. He said one who has his grand father & father state subject shouldn’t ask for any more document.   and also said one who doesn’t have the land before 1947 how that people produce the land record these sort of practices should be dissolved. He appeal that don’t harras public further .He said officers like A.C.Nazool and the staff should be people friendly.