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NC getting exposed for its dual character: Sethi

National Conference, when out of power, becomes anti-National Conference and indulges in making repeated attempts to regain power. National interests for NC are less important than its lust for power and is making sort of reckless statements, even against national interests for cheap publicity and for gaining support and sympathy of separatists. It is getting exposed with each passing day for its dual character. This was stated in press release by Bharatiya Janata Party State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi.

He said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah going closer to Hurriyat Conference is only evidence of prevailing truth and shows real colours of National Conference as an most opportunistic class, who will stoop to any level for cheap publicity and electoral gains. It believes in no principles in politics but befooling people and dividing them in the name of regions for petty gains.

Sunil Sethi further said that statement made by Dr. Farooq Abdullah about 10 PDP MLAs offering support to him to form govt is concerned, is just another publicity stunt by veteran leader without any truth or basis.  He challenged Dr. Farooq Abdullah to disclose the names of such persons if he has any faith in maintaining transparency in public life.

BJP Chief Spokesperson noted that with political base of National Conference becoming very thin the party now being in a state of shock, its leaders are making desperate efforts to be relevant who are crossing all cannons of morality even to the extent of making statements which are false and anti national. Dr. Farooq Abdullah was sidelined by his son while toppling him to become Chief Minister, has been activated again because of his ability to make controversial statements for publicity purposes only.