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NC is a sub-regional party, unsuited to the state: Jugal

Ridiculing the claim of the National Conference that it represents the entire state of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, BJP State President & MP Jugal Kishore Sharma today said that it is a tale of travesty that a party, which got only 11.1 per cent of the total votes polled in the Lok Sabha elections, which also included votes of Congress party, is making such a loud claim. The NC, like the PDP and the Congress, has no support base in Jammu and Ladakh and whatever little support base it has it is confined only to a few pockets in the Kashmir valley, said the BJP State Chief, adding that the NC is not even a regional party. “The NC is a sub-regional party and it enjoys some support in parts of Kashmir valley,” he said and added that in the coming assembly elections, the NC would lose even that support base as it has become the most unpopular party owing to its acts of omission and commission and the cult of corruption it, along with the Congress, promoted. He said the NC and the PDP have turned so desperate that they are now toying with the idea of granting general amnesty to the anti-India stone pelters, but they will fail in their ulterior game plan.
Reacting to the demand of the NC seeking Greater Autonomy for the state of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, the BJP MP said that the population of the state, barring a few disgruntled elements here and there, is bitterly opposed to the divisive and break-India concepts like autonomy and self-rule. “The people of the state are for the mainstream politics. They are committed to the unity and integrity of the country. They eagerly long for a system that ends discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh, harmonizes inter-regional relations and defeats communal forces,” said Jugal Kishore Sharma adding that the 21st century has no place for those who preach and practice fake secularism and subvert democratic processes for vote bank politics.
Sharma said it is the BJP which represents more than 88 per cent of the area of the state in the Parliament and he has no doubt that in the coming assembly elections the BJP will also emerge as a force reckon with in the Kashmir valley as well, as people in the valley are coming forward in large numbers to join the BJP to enable it to not only achieve its Mission 44+ but also to lead the state to new era of development, peace and prosperity. Sharma advised the PDP to not follow in the footsteps of the NC and said if it continues to vitiate the atmosphere by propagating the pernicious self rule doctrine, it would also meet the fate the NC and the Congress met in the just held Lok Sabha elections. The BJP would see to it that all the negative forces are comprehensively defeated, he said, adding that the BJP is committed to making Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh state a model state bereft of all negative trends.