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Non Implementation of GIST will lead to escalation of prices : Sethi

State Bharatiya Janata Party has called upon the state government to take immediate steps to implement new GST regime as per advice of Union Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley. State has got never before opportunity to stand with nation in major developmental project, said Sunil Sethi, Chief Spokesperson of state unit of BJP.

He said the letter written by Jaitley is major ice breaking step and govt should not have problem of ego to avoid taking state to new fiscal growth regime. The advice coming from Union Finance Minister, who is top constitutional expert of country too, has elucidated the legal, constitutional and economical position on the whole issue, leaving no room for doubt.

Sunil Sethi called upon state government to call state cabinet to discuss issue as per mandate of Article 370 and consider giving concurrence for adoption of 101 Constitutional Amendment to the Constitution of India by issuance of Presidential order under Article 370 .

He said that implementation of new GST regime through adoption of Constitutional Amendment would rather strengthen fiscal autonomy of state as there are enough safeguards in place in constitutional amendments itself .

Chief Spokesperson further said that opposers of Constitutional Amendment and it’s applicability to J&K are driven by pure political motives and are interested in mere politicising issue with no regard to fiscal health of state and no concern about problems of people, whose life will suffer in case of non implementation of new regime because of escalation of prices in state and impossibility of traders from state to send things out of state. He said while making state Act the legislatures should consider genuine problems of industry by abolishing all local taxes like octroi etc and bundling them together in State GST.