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BJP constitutes disciplinary committees

J&K State BJP led by its State President & MLA, Sat Sharma in consultation with National Vice-President & J&K State Incharge, Avinash Rai Khanna constituted State disciplinary committee and Kashmir region disciplinary committee in order to regularize the party affairs by attending to the grievances of the party leaders and activists in a constructive atmosphere, in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, in a meeting conducted in the state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar.
While addressing the meeting, Sat Sharma said that BJP is a unique party of the world in the matters of its organizational set up and in due course of time it has achieved the feast of becoming the world’s largest political party in terms of primary membership due to the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit shah, so in order to coordinate the shift from the cadre based party to include the phenomenon of mass based party, it has now become utmost need of the hour to regularize and streamline the party affairs, so as to address any type of doubts in the hearts of its leaders and the activists. He said that organization has to continuously introspect itself for the actions, it has taken in the public welfare and the other activities and to curb any type of mal practice or deviation from the line and to keep the activists from straying away from the party ideology, a need was felt to form the disciplinary committees, in order to keep the highest standards of the values of BJP like “Nation First, Party second, Self Last”.
Sat Sharma while giving details about the committees, informed that the State disciplinary committee will include Shiv Kumar Gupta, Som Raj Khajuria, N. D. Rajwal, Adv. Vijay Sharma and Adv. Parimoksh Seth as its members. The Kashmir disciplinary committee will include Dr. Narinder Singh, Yudhvir Sethi and Dr. Darkshana Andrabi as its members. He said that both the committees have been entrusted with the job of taking the level of activist satisfaction to maximum for even more deeper working of the organization.