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Omar Abdullah should apologise for his off the cough statement: Brig Gupta

Omar Abdullah is feeling desperate at the prospect of the formation of alliance government between BJP–PDP and hence has resorted to making sarcastic comments like “BJP will ask Mehbooba to say Bharat Mata Ki jai after the government formation”, commented Brig Anil Gupta State Spokesperson of BJP. Such statements confirm the fact that few individuals refuse to grow with age and keep behaving like errant children. Omar’s statement clearly indicates his immaturity and misplaced loyalty. What is wrong in saying Bharat Mata ki Jai questioned Brig Gupta? At the time of Pokharan 2, his father and then Chief Minister of J&K Farooq Abdullah went ecstatic and was seen shouting Bharat Mata Ki Jai and dancing on the TV channels. Why Omar, who was a MOS in NDA government, did not ask his father at that time as to why did he do so, asked Brig Gupta. Bharat Mata Ki Jai is not a religious or political slogan and no patriotic Indian should have any hesitation in chanting this national slogan. Brig Gupta reminded Omar Abdullah that many units of the Indian Army, the most secular, apolitical and patriotic organisation, shout this slogan as their war cry as it literally means victory of India. By making such irresponsible and off the cough statement, Omar Abdullah has hurt the sentiments of all patriotic Indians for which he must render an apology demanded Brig Gupta.

After the demise of Mufti Sahib, NC leadership led by Omar Abdullah had started day dreaming of returning to power despite the fact that they were rejected by the electorate only a year back. During this period Omar did nothing except tweeting and criticising each and every people-friendly measure initiated by the alliance government. What has Omar and his party done to start day dreaming of returning to power? The fact is that Abdullahs are so used to the luxuries of power that they are not able to digest the fact that the people of J&K have voted them out of power. Sooner Omar learns to live with this reality better it will be for him, said the BJP spokesperson demanding an apology from him.