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On the eve of 62nd Sathapana Diwas was the chief guest Rajesh Gupta

On the eve of 62nd Sathapana Diwas of Panchmandi Mandir of Baba Veerpanath trust honourable MLA Sh.Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion.
On the occasion Mahant Pawan Nath gave his blessings to MLA Rajesh Gupta along with the sewadars Mohit Sharma,Ashok Kumar and Tarun Kumar.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that Jammu is a blessed city with the presence of many temples and places of worship.The culture of sarv dharm sambhav that we have in Jammu is a mark of great privilege for our city.Jammu city is an oasis of peace and harmony in an otherwise turbulent surroundings.He said that we have to utilise all our energies towards the development of our city into a smart city with the best infrastructure that we can feel proud of.
The prominents who attended the function included Karan Singh, Suresh Bharti,Prof.Shyam,Ramesh Sharma,Rajinder Gupta,Kuldeep n Kandhari,Rajkumar,Sanjeet Sawhney,Rajesh Nischal and Sunny Sehgal.