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Our Composite Culture and Mutual Respect for eachother’s Religion Makes Us Great: MLC Vibodh Gupta

An annual Urs of renowned religious scholar Miyan Rakman Sab was held at the Ziarat Sharief of Miyan Rakman Sab at Pullian in Rajouri. In this Urs thousands of locals participated to seek the blessings and prayed for peace. Mian Rakman Sab on whose name this famous Ziarat is built was a great faqir and a religious scholar and he contributed a lot towards peace and spirituality in the region. On this occasion, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta also participated in the Urs and prayed for peace and development in the state. Addressing the gathering there, Vibodh said that one of the most important strengthens which our country has is our composite culture and mutual respect for each other’s religion. This he said has always helped us in making our country a great country. While appreciating the people of Pir Panjal in upholding this unique culture and diversity, Vibodh said that in this area there are hundreds of shrines of different faiths and religions and people of different faiths togather attend different religious celebrations. He further added that it is the faith among various communities that they visit various shrines in search of peace and to seek the blessings. He called upon everyone to uphold this unique tradition and as the present era is an era of a fast-changing world and in the mad rush towards growth and development we must not forget our unique ethos and traditions. He cautioned the people about the evil designs of our enemies how never want us to develop and who never tolerate peace among various communities. Therefore he sought support from every section of the society for maintaining peace and harmony in the region. He laid stress on the fact that development is possible only when there will be peace and all the developmental works initiated by the Government can move forward with desired speed. For this appreciation of each others region and religious feelings will always guide us towards a path of growth and development MLC added. On this occasion, he greeted everyone and said that today he is feeling blessed by visiting the shrine and by being part of the annual Urs.

 Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Miyyan Mehfaoz, Miyyan Imran, Miyyan Zafoor, Mouli Khateeb, Moulvi Farooq, Maqbool Hussain and Haji reyaz. Latter the Urs management committee thanked MLC Vibodh for visiting the shrine and for being part of the Urs.