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Peace and Inclusive Development only Agenda of the Government : Vibodh

Criticizes Opposition Parties for their Negative Approach. BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta today addressed media persons in Rajouri and threw light on various developmental policies and programmes of the Government. In his address he highlighted many path breaking developmental projects in Jammu & Kashmir in general and Rajouri district in particular. He informed that creating a peaceful and congenial atmosphere for inclusive growth and development is the top priority of the present coalition Government. For giving further boost to various developmental projects initiated by the Government, Vibodh sought the support of the civil society in proper and timely execution of all these developmental projects. He called upon the people that they should keep a regular eye at each and every development project and this will ensure the quality output at each and every level of the project execution. He also emphasized on the need for social audits of these projects once they are completed. While referring to the various historic developmental initiatives of the Government in the Pir Panjal region, he said that never in history any Government has made such a focused attention towards this region. In every sector be it Education, Tourism, Health, Power, Infrastructure and Employment, the present Government has initiated sector wise projects for the holistic development of Pir Panjal region.

While referring to the opposition parties specially National Conference and Congress Vibodh said that only agenda of these political parties is to create a atmosphere of negativity. These political parties are desperate to grab power and that is the only reason that they never appreciate the current peace and development momentum in the state. He called upon the people to remain cautious and vigilant so that the forces who are against peace and development of the state can be defeated. On this occasion Vibodh also thanked various media groups for their tremendous support in highlighting the achievements of the present Government. He stressed on the need for future support from the media so that the target of holistic development can be achieved by reaching last man in the que and by giving justice to the poor and marginalised.