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People in Remote Areas Deserve Better Health Care Facilities: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

Vibodh Announce Ambulance for Khaws Village of Rajouri

Concerted and Regular Contact With the People in Remote Areas Can Ensure Justice to Last in the Queue: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

Accompanied by local party leaders, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta visited some very remote areas of Rajouri. During this extensive tour, he visited Moghla, Treru, Khawas and Bhalla villages and held various public meetings and took stock of various developmental activities. On this occasion the local residents of the areas raised various issues due to which they are suffering a lot. At Khwas MLC was informed about the poor health care facilities in their area, specially the non-availability of a qualified medical officer as well as an ambulance. Due to this, the local population faces tremendous problems as only one Ayurvedic doctor is available in their area. They further added that many a time they have to rush to Rajouri even for very small and minor health-related problem and poor people of these remote villages simply cannot afford such financial burden of taking patients to places like Rajouri and Jammu. In the absence of an ambulance, the suffering of the poor and marginalized people further increase.

Addressing a gathering at village Khwas Vibodh informed the locals that present Government at the state and in the centre is working hard only to ensure justice to the poor and weaker sections of the society. He informed the locals that his regular visits to the remote and border villages of Rajouri is to access the ground situation and to hear about the sufferings of the people of these areas. This he said helps him to raise the issues of the local residents of the area at appropriate forums and also by communicating these to the concerned so that these can be resolved on priority basis. Reacting to the issues raised by the locals specially with regard to health care facilities, Vibodh announced an ambulance for the area out of his CDF. Regarding other problems mainly with regard to non-availability of qualified doctors for the area, Vibodh said that he will soon appraise the health minister about this so that this issue can also be resolved on priority basis. He urged everyone to become part of the vision and mission of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narinder Bhai Modi wherein he wants to empower common man so that he can also meaningfully contribute to the growth of the nation. This he said will give a great sense of pride to our common masses specially our womenfolk in the remote villages like Khwas. Latter on behalf of the locals of the area Mandal Pardhan Khwas Shakeel Singh thanked MLC Vibodh for visiting this remotest village of district Rajouri and for listening to the suffering of the locals of the area. He also thanked MLC for announcing an ambulance for the area which will go a long way in mitigating the sufferings of the people of the area and local people will always be grateful to the MLC for this. Prominent among others who accompanied MLC during this tour included Mandal Pardhan Mogla Lekh Raj, Rakesh Sharma, Naresh Sharma, Anchal Singh, Rakesh Raina, Rohit Kumar, Rajesh Sharma, Brij Lal, Mukesh Sharma, Khajur Singh and Yashpal Sharma.