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Physical disability no longer ailment for strong willed persons: Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

Disability is no more an ailment or any state of sickness for any person afflicted with such disorders who have strong will power to defeat and overcome it with hard work. Such strong-willed persons neither become any burden on the family nor society as they prove it with their hard work and zeal to live a dignified life that they are no less than normal people.

This was stated by J&K SC, ST Corporation Vice Chairman Balbir Ram Rattan while interacting with a physically disabled person from Jammu Somnath who has approached the Corporation to get loan and other facilities to set up his own small business unit. Pertinently, 35 years old Somnath has physical disability on account of Polio with which he got afflicted at a young age but despite having this infirmity and incapacity to move about like a normal person, he did not let this become a handicap to lead a normal life. While narrating his case history during the meeting with Corporation chief, he said he moved on despite facing many hardships and started tailoring work on a small shop. Now that he is married and blessed with two sons, his earnings fall short of increasing expenditures which is why he has now approached this Corporation for loan to expand his tailoring work.

On this occasion while appreciating the spirit of Somnath, Balbir Ram Rattan said government is supportive of such people who do not give up due to any physical disabilities. There are many facilities and loan schemes which should be availed by the people of this category, he said adding that the need is also to have courage and spirit like Somnath and those sitting back should get inspired by his efforts, hard work so that they too can lead a normal life.