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BJP holds meeting, chalks out strategy for Panchayat elections

BJP begins the drive to mobilize its cadre in order to effectively chalk out its poll strategy for upcoming Panchayat Polls. J&K BJP State President & MLA, Sh. Sat Sharma along with BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul conducted meeting at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, with prominent BJP leaders to discuss the strategy for upcoming Panchayat elections so as to ensure its win in every single Poll battle in the state.

Sh. Sat Sharma, while addressing the meeting, stressed on the organization of the party cadre up to every single Panch level, while focusing that effective teams of workers on every single Panch level will be a key to an emphatic win of the party. While defining Panchayat as a system of governance in which it is the basic unit of local administration having direct involvement with the basic needs of local population, he prompted the party leaders to ensure the reach of party to every single household of the region, so as to impress upon the local population that the BJP is the only Nationalistic party working with the sole aim of servicing the society to uplift the status of last man living in the most difficult terrain of the region. He asked all the party leaders present at the meeting to ensure the formula of 50 activists per Panch seat level to broaden the party base in the urban, sub-urban as well as rural level.

SH. Ashok Kaul stressed on the working system of the party and said that the good governance can be achieved with the high workman spirit of the party cadre. He assured the party leaders of all possible organizational help from the senior leaders and focused on the formation of committees of active party workers to steer the party work in the area so as to ensure the party candidates as elected candidates in the elections. He said that the BJP has to win the elections not for the party, but for the welfare of people.

Sh. Sanjay Baru, Sh. Suraj Singh, Sh. Pawan Sharma, Sh. Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Sh. Omi Khajuria, Sh. Jangbir Singh, Sh. Nand Kishore, Sh. Jugal Dogra, Sh. Vikas Choudhary, Sh. Naresh Sharma were among the prominent persons who attended the meeting.