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Pooja becomes first beneficiary of “R.S Pura ke Beti” initiative

Dr.Gagan Bhagat gave a Cheque of Rupees Eleven Thousand to Pooja Daughter of Sh. Sham Lal resident of Ward No.8, Main Baazar R.S Pura, she became the first beneficiary of the initiative of M.L.A R.S Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat “R.S Pura ke Beti”. While giving details of the initiative ,Patron of the Trust Dr. Gagan Bhagat said that it was a idea which was conceived way back when he served in the J&K Health department as an Medical Officer and today the almighty has given an opportunity to convert into reality ,it is very happy and proud moment for him while giving the amount to the family of “Pooja”, while elaborating he said that it is a non-government fund, which is raised by the people, politicians ,bureaucrats, Govt. Employees, retired employees, businessman, N.G.O’s working in R.S Pura and other people who can contribute in it. The amount collected will be deposited in the joint account of the General Secy. And Treasurer of the “R.S Pura ke Beti Trust”, the applicant needs to apply in the office of the trust through an application form and through the amount collected in the account of the trust the number of beneficiaries will be decided by the Executive Board of the trust and the most deserving cases will be given priority that month. The trust will try to clear all the eligible cases which comes to it, this amount will have nothing to do with the State Govt. Scheme for the poor girl marriage namely State Marriage Assistance Scheme (SMAS), and the deserving one can avail both the benefits he added. While receiving the amount mother of Pooja thanked Dr. Gagan and appreciated the his efforts besides performing the development of R.S Pura, he is also committed to the social cause and in the coming days many daughters of such families like her family will get the benefit. Sadhna Gupta a social worker and member of the trust said that it is the initiative that was very much needed especially in the border town like R.S Pura where there are several poor and deserving families, and she is proud to be associated with the trust and the credit goes to M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat. Convener of the trust Ashok Salaria appealed to the general public to donate with open hearts for the daughters of R.S Pura as their little contribution can give smile on someone’s face and its our social duty towards the daughters of our Constituency. Those who were present on the occasion included B.J.P Mandal Pradhan Natharam, Gurdeep Saini,Manmohan Choudhary, Sadhna Gupta, Santosh Kumari, Master Balakram, Abhishek Gupta besides prominent persons.