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Prof Virender calls for unity against separatism

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta in a statement, said that dialogue with separatist leader to resolve Jammu & Kashmir issue is a fruitless exercise. The separatist are supporting the terrorism and promoting extreme Islamic fundamentalist ideology of Wahhabism / Salafism and working as a stooge of Pakistan, ISI and ISIS and instigating the Kashmiri youth to revolt against India and to fight in making Kashmir as part of Pakistan. He added that the prevailing situation in the Valley demands a strong resolve as the Indian Government had showed in Punjab to curb Khalistan Movement. He said that there is no political solution to the Jammu and Kashmir problem that can satisfy the Kashmiri leaders having varied vested interests. The issues like great autonomy, pre-1952 position or self rule have become quite irrelevant in the present context where those who are creating turmoil in the Valley are inspired by the philosophy of Islamic Jehad. The situation is quite alarming for Jammu and Kashmir and for the Indian government as well. The present movement in the Valley is leading it to the situation that is being confronted in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. He, therefore, appealed to the well meaning people of the State, particularly the Kashmiri leaders of the main political parties to visualize danger ahead, forget their political differences and their vested interests and unitedly fight to save the future of Jammu and Kashmir. After the normalcy is restored, then we can work on the political solution, he added. However, he said that the solution of Jammu & Kashmir lies in the abrogation of Article 370 that is responsible to encourage the secessionist forces in the Valley and provided an opportunity to Pakistan to indulge in a proxy war against India and added that solution should be worked out in consultation with the people of all the regions of the State, including POJK displaced person, KPs, Shias and Gujjars.