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Rahul graduates from congress history to dig at NDA govt.

Rahul’s dig at NDA govt led by PM Modi that it caused defections in Congress party govt. in Uttrakhand by using money power, confirms Rahul has taken to graduate from his party history of ruling at Centre & states not through popular vote but by purchasing MLAs, toppling govts in states to ensure it ruled unchallenged at Delhi.Would Rahul know for better: Staying an undergraduate was better than graduating from a bad institution.

S.S. Bijral IPS, IGP (Rtd), state BJP spokesperson responding to Rahul’s allegation said how far toppling popular governments in states was a favourite play of Congress, one hasn’t have to dig too deep or too far. He said Rahul would do well if he digs up case of installation of G.M.Shah govt in J&K in 1984 when popular govt of Farooq Abdullah was toppled by defecting 12 MLA’s of NC with promised seat of chief Ministership to Farooq Abdullah’s brother-in-law G.M.Shah, a minister in former’s cabinet, by Congress party having 26 MLAs. G.M.Shah ruled J&K from July 2, 12984 to March 6, 1986 through a minority govt with Congress support. Theclose family of tall leader Sheikh Mohd Abdullah developed deep fissures & relations continue to be bitterly estranged.
What happened in other states during long history of Congress unfortunate rule in the country, I would avoid investing time to draw a point for Rahul Gandhi. For in case Gandhi scion is really interested in learning to grow & deliver to suffering poor , he should choose to ponder why PM Narinderbhai Modi has come to be loved by masses above considerations of caste creed and religion. Bijral said Rahul should ponder, if he has concern for exploited poor whose ears turned deaf hearing Congress oft repeated slogan ‘Congree lao Gharibee hatao’, and try to imbibe leadership qualities of Narinder Modi creating waves in continents across seas.
S.S.Bijral said dilemma of Rahul Gandhi that he could not appreciate Modi Ji’s policies and leadership openly being in opposition, he should at least shirk, avoid alleging what is going to bounce back. The way BJP is taking strides forward to bolster country progress, its itching closer to realising ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. Given the scenario, MPs, MLAs and leaders of other parties are warming up with BJP to secure their future before it is too late, Bijral asserted.