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Refusing to read writing on wall, Rahul Gandhi blames BJP: Brig Gupta

Reacting sharply to the Twitter statement of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, “toppling elected governments by indulging in horse trading & blatant misuses of money & muscle, seems to be BJP’s new model, after failure in Bihar,” BJP state spokesperson Brig Anil Gupta said, “Rather than carrying out an introspection Rahul Gandhi has found an easy way of blaming BJP for all its woes and agony. BJP’s single point agenda is Development and has no time for low-level politics he has referred to.” Rahul Gandhi must realise that the Congress legislators are quitting the party due to poor leadership at Centre as well as States and he cannot blame the BJP for this.

“Congress party will fight demagoguery with democracy. This attack on our democracy & Constitution, first in Arunachal & now in Uttarakhand, is the true face of Modiji’s BJP,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted. The reason for rebellion by his party MLAs both in Arunachal and Uttarakhand is the unfriendly attitude, dictatorial behaviour and large scale corruption by the respective Chief Ministers as a result of which they were unable to hold their flock together. The inability of the Central leadership to provide inspiring leadership further aggravated the rift leading to open revolt by the rebel MLAs, said Brig Gupta. The performance of the Congress governments in the state is so poor that through a series of “self-goals” they are voluntarily contributing to the BJP’s mission of “Congress- Mukt Bharat,” he further said. “What you call ‘demagoguery’ is in fact 3-D outlook of BJP namely dynamic leadership of Modi, development agenda and democratisation at grass root level which is any day better than your dynastic, disillusioned and defunct leadership,” retorted Brig Gupta.
“Rahul Gandhi needs to take a few lessons of history or is he conveniently forgetting that his Congress party was the architect of cash for vote scandal of 2008,” said Brig Gupta. The people of India including the cadre of Congress party are disillusioned with the dynastic politics of the party and are looking for alternatives which the Gandhis must acknowledge before it is too late, warned Brig Gupta. “Rahul Gandhi must read the writing on the wall and realise that Uttarakhand and Arunachal are only the tip of the iceberg and be prepared for a revolt against his lack-lustre leadership. Rather than blaming BJP for all the ills in his own backyard, he must carry out a reality check sooner than later,” advised the BJP spokesperson.