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Sh Moti Kaul interacts with OFBJP Volunteers

It was a great evening for the OFBJP N. CA Volunteers and some Kashmiri Pandits from the Bay Area to have met Shri. Moti Kaul ji. It was a very interactive event with the audience being able to address their questions directly to Kaul ji related to the Jammu and Kashmir situation which is one of the most significant challenges for the present Indian government.

The Volunteers and Kashmiri Guests asked pertinent questions to Kaul ji on the prevailing security situation in J&K, the role of both, the State and Central governments in improving the situation and on various other topics. Below are some of the most important questions posed to Kaul ji:

1) When will the central government be able to revoke article 370?
2) What is the ground situation in the state? Is it as good or bad as portrayed in the Main Stream Media?
3) What is the opinion of J&K people with the prevailing situation? Why have Pandits still not returned to their homes ?
4) Why is the government not dealing with the hardliner Hurriyat faction with an iron hand?
5) What has been the effectiveness of the BJP-PDP alliance govt in the state? Has BJP suffered because of the alliance?

While the questions asked to Kaul ji reflected a certain degree of anxiousness, impatience, disappointment, and eagerness to see the government take tough and decisive steps in its approach , Kaul ji was very articulate in his responses. He answered most of the questions raised by the audience with as much clarity as possible keeping in mind that all actions taken & in the offing , by the party and government in dealing with the situation in J&K could not be made public. He made the Volunteers realize that the Central government was seized of the questions/opinion of the BJP Volunteers and the general public with regards to Kashmir and they are proactively working to improve the situation. Kaul ji spoke about the dwindling influence of the hardliner Hurriyat faction in the Kashmir valley. During last five decades, successive govts in the state & centre subverted every institution & kept the pot boiling for their vested interests. BJP remains committed with the abrogation of Article 370 & equitable development of all three regions of J&K ,he said. Responding to the concerns of the audience , Kaul emphasized that a dignified & permanent return & resettlement of Kashmiri Pandit has & shall always remain paramount with BJP.

Even though the audience made sure to convey their frustration at the delay in taking firm steps and their expectations of the government they were all unanimous with one thought, that is, if someone can solve the J&K riddle, it has to be our beloved PM Modi ji!