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Sh. Rajesh Gupta organised a rally of the Accession Day from Purani Mandi

In commemoration of the Accession Day, MLA Rajesh Gupta organised a rally from Purani Mandi.The well attended rally after passing through various bazaars of the city culminated at Brahman Sabha Parade.
The rally led by MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta was attended by a large number of people including the various office bearers of Jammu East mandal including the Jammu East Mandal Pradhan P.C.Gupta.
26th October is commemorated as the Accession Day, the day on which the state of Jammu & Kashmir acceded with the union of India.It is on this day that the aspirations of the millions of the people of J&K were fulfilled by their eventual merger with the mother civilization of India.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the response of the people in celebrating this day shows the amount of love and affection that they have for mother India. Rajesh Gupta hailed the historic decision of the Majaraja Hari Singh Ji in signing the instrument of accession and merging the state of J&K with the Union of India thereby saving the people of the state from the marauding Kabailis.
Rajesh Gupta while talking to the press on the occasion said that the state of Jammu & Kashmir has made tremendous progress in all the spheres of human development whereas the areas under the illegal occupation of Pakistan have remained under developed and enjoy little freedom and are constantly under the boots of the army.He said that the state is witnessing increased progress in all the spheres and the various national level institutions of Health that Education are coming up at a rapid pace.The various schemes launched by the Modi government have the potential to change the socio-economic milieu of the state and bring it at par with the other developed states of the country. Rajesh Gupta appealed to the people to associate themselves with the process of nation building launched by our PM Narindera Bhai Modi in an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood that Jammu is so very proud of.