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ShradanJali Paid to Martyrs of Kashmir in Abhinav Theater by BJP-Kashmir displaced district.

BJP Kashmir Displaced District observed Bali Dan Divas of Amar Shaheed Tika Lal Taploo in Abhinav Theatre Jammu. The party besides Tika Lal Taploo paid homage to Prem Nath Bhat and other Martyrs including security forces who became victims of terrorism in Kashmir since 1989 or before that.

While Paying homage to Martyrs, BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma expressed his gratitude to Martyrs who attained Martyrdom since 1989 or before, including the security forces who were killed while fighting the terrorism in Kashmir. He said that it was great honour for him to work under the guidance of Tika Lal Taploo in his prime of youth. He expressed to follow the principals of Tika Lal Taploo is real Shrandan Jali to bereaved souls. He assured the people that BJP will help displaced people in mitigating their miseries. He said those days are not far when displaced people will return back to their Kashmir with dignity and honour and party would leave no stone unturned in solving the problems of hapless people who were forced to leave the Kashmir.

General Secretary (Organization) Ashok Koul paid tributes to all Martyrs who laid their lives in Kashmir for the cause of Nation. He recalled the days when he was working with Tika Lal Taploo in Srinagar and said that he was a “Nationalist” par excellence. He could never compromise on the question of “Bharat” and Kashmir being an integral part of it. He was a great Orator and could keep his audience spell bound by his logic and a special emphatic way of delivering his words. He was a skilled and gifted lawyer, but never did he use his skill for commercial gains. He pleaded free of charge for any downtrodden, be it a poor peasant, driver or prosecuted penniless person. He was totally dedicated towards delivering justice to one and all irrespective of their race and religion. This was one of his ways of practicing the secular character, which he always stood for and practiced till his last. He assured the gathering BJP Government is with them and will leave no stone unturned for mitigating the problems of displaced people.

MLC Surinder Ambardar paid homage to Tika Lal Taploo and other Martyrs including security forces who laid their lives in Kashmir for crushing terrorism and make Kashmir terrorism free. Ambardar while paying tributes to Tika Lal Taploo said that whatever he earned as a lawyer, he spent on the needy widows helping them with their monthly rations, paying for school fees of their children, paying for marriage of a number of Muslim girls. Quite a number of homes, he saved from disintegration and prolonged litigation by adjudicating the family dispute out of court in a fair manner. In fact most of his actions aptly reflected the pet name “Lalla” – they gave him, and always rising above the base human weakness of cast, creed & religion. His protests against militancy carried weight with the masses and had the capacity to snow ball it into a movement. This, the terrorists could not afford. He shared his experience how he works for making inroads for normalizing the present crisis in Kashmir.

MLC Girdhari Lal Rain in his speech said that Tika Lal Taploo was a fearless volunteer of his motherland, who backed by his sincerity honesty and a lion’s heart believed in the greatness of India and its people. Tika lal was never a coward, never a tyrant, never a communalist and above all never a Hypocrite. He lived bravely & he died a brave death. In his death as in his life he bewildered everybody. Even the assassin could not face him and shot him from behind. Thousands of men & women, young and old, friend and foe; mighty and poor – cried and wailed together for their brave man. Lastly he appealed people to get united and fight for the cause Lalla sacrificed his life.

Chand Jee Bhat President while delivering speech said “Tika Lal Taploo” was a politician and rose to the high office of Vice President of Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party. He was a fearless, transparent, honest and an upright politician. Never succumbing to pressures on principles, never cringing before the highest; never failing to call an ace an ace even against overwhelming odds. Whether he was in bar, where he was a loner, or in Lal Chowk amongst a multitude of people, he would never compromise on principles. He did dare to raise the cry for ‘Democracy’ while being maligned and dragged in Lal Chowk by the police in those unforgettable days of emergency, when the mightiest in the land had either been put behind bars or where cringing.

Ashtosh Taploo son of Tika Lal Taploo while in tears said many years have passed, since this cowardly act; the entire Hindu Community and all the nationalist elements in the valley have been forced out of the wailing Valley. “Kashmir” abode of Kashyp Rishi has become a heaven for Terrorists & Insurgents. Kashmiri Hindus have been hounded out of Kashmir for being Nationalists. Tika Lal Taploo’s death has left not only him but also Kashmiri Hindus really orphaned.

Ravinder Kumar Raina (Razdan) Vice President before paying vote of thanks to Martyrs said as for his opinion is concerned there does not seem to be anybody championing the cause of Kashmiri Hindu with the same vigour, energy, passion, dynamism and selfless dedication as did Lallaji. Razdan paid vote of thanks to all who gave their contribution for making the programme very successful.

Kamal Warkoo Vice President of Yuva Morcha compared the whole programme.

In the programme. Smt Sunita Koul Arrora was felicitated with Scenery for her bravery work she did on 15th August 2017 in Lal Chowk Srinagar.

Vineet Raina social media Incharge (BJP-Kashmir Displaced district ) handled the management of media interactive session and display of martyr films as well as social media interaction.

Smt Sarla Taploo widow of Tika Lal Taploo besides Sweety President Mahila Morcha, Dolly, Baby, Anjali Raina, Sanjay Bhat General Secretary Yuva Morcha, Ravinder Bhan, Ramesh Koul president yuva morch, Rakesh Sadhu, Susheel Ji yuva Morcha, Chaman Lal Koul, Ashok Koul, Mandal Presidents Vijay Raina, Sunil Bhat, Makhan Lal General Secretary Bharat Bushan Bhat Gosami and Rakesh Bhat were also present in the programme.