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State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma addressing a press conference extending invitation to all to participate in Accession Day celebrations.

BJP gears up for “Vilay Diwas” celebrations

Celebrate “Vilay Diwas” like Deepawali: Sh. Sat Sharma

BJP State unit conducted a marathon meeting to threadbare discuss the preparations for the grand celebration for the “Vilay Diwas” Accession Day of the State of Jammu & Kashmir with the dominion of India in the chairmanship of its State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with State Vice-Presidents Yudhvir Sethi and Pramod Kapahi, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta.

While chairing the meeting, Sat Sharma took the review of each point in detail with the BJP leaders present in the meeting and said that this celebration of “Vilay Diwas” must be celebrated as the Deepawali in every region of the state. He allotted the responsibility of various essential duties to the leaders present, so that nobody who is coming to participate in the celebration faces any type of

inconvenience. Discussions were made regarding to the water facility, seating arrangements, vehicle parking, convenience of gathering from far off places and other essential issues which were raised during the meeting by the participants.

While inviting the common masses to the celebrations of “Vilay Diwas” in Parade, Sat Sharma also appealed to them to participate in the programme, as this is not the programme of one political party but linked to every single resident of the state and thus must be celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm in every home of the region. He said that although the older generation is fully aware of these facts and the sacrifices made, but it is our duty to pass on this legacy and history to younger generations, so that they also become aware of our proud history and culture. He also appealed enmass to show the strength of Nationalistic population, so that the nefarious designs of few separatists are also destroyed.

Sat said that although the India as a Nation gained Independence from the British rule on 15th of August’ 1947, but in the case of the state of J&K, it was delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances, but later on 26th of October, Maharaja Hari Singh ji signed the “Instrument of Accession” and send it the Government of India thus becoming a part of the dominion of India for the full and final just like any other state of India. He said that thus this day forms an essential part of our lives and every resident of this state must celebrate it with full pomp and show.

Sanjay Baru, Naresh Dogra, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Arvind Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Ayodhya Gupta and Hari Om Sharma were among the prominent persons present in the meeting.