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Taking a very strong and serious note on the mis-happenings and use of violence in NIT campus in Srinagar

Taking a very strong and serious note on the mis-happenings and use of violence in NIT campus in Srinagar, State Bharatiya Janata Party has called upon the state govt administration to take effective and strong action against all persons involved including police officials to instill confidence in campus students in NIIT who have from outside state to study in the prestigious institution.
Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson JK BJP further said that elements involved in the misaction are anti national and anti people who wants to destroy the peaceful atmosphere on the state by indulging in such type of violence which tantamount to instigating similar reactions against students from the state studying outside state and putting to risk and jeopardy their lives and well being .
He further said the raising national flag and national slogans are matter of pride and state has to facilitate activities which propagate nationalism and action should be taken against all such elements who are indulging in anti national slogans adv hoisting flags of Pakistan which supporting and propagating terrorism and separatism in the state and rest of country. Sunil Sethi said there should be total ban on sale and possession of Pakistani Flags in the state with penal consequences to stop the politics of hatred in the state.
He highlighted that the state is getting more premier institutions like AIIMS IIT IIM etc and the bad treatment given to our fellow countrymen in the state will dissuade the students and teachers to come to these institutions which looks like concerted effort to isolate the state from national mainstream. When the efforts are being made with all sincerity to take state on the path of peace and development these type of criminal and anti national actions intends to put block the such efforts.

Sunil Sethi further called upon the state govt to take such measures in consultation with the aggrieved students which would will bring back their confidence and also to ensure peace in the campus. He also requested the ministry to Human Resource Development to look to the vital angle of security in the national institutions and also to take timely measures to check fall out of the incident in rest of country .