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Terminate the services of erring doctor: Dr. Narinder

The Jammu & Kashmir State BJP highly condemns the act of molestation of a female medical student in Government Medical College, Jammu and demands immediate termination of the services of the doctor, who has committed this heinous crime and let down the highly respected profession in the society.

It was stated by BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, while terming the act of molestation in the premises of GMC as most inhumane and a blot on the fraternity. He said that occurrence of such acts creates an atmosphere of insecurity among the females, who may not feel comfortable while working with the males. He said that medical profession is treated as a very noble job, where the doctors are highly respected and regarded as next to God. The doctors, when indulge in such activities like molestation of females, it not only brings bad name to their profession but also sends a wrong message that although educated and living in a modern society, the mindset of males towards females have not changed.

Dr. Narinder Singh said that whatever has been done by a senior doctor to a female medical student cannot be tolerated and the BJP calls upon the state government to take the matter seriously and immediately terminate the services of the concerned erring doctor for his inhumane act. He said that no leniency should be shown to such elements who have no respect for females.

Dr. Narinder Singh added that the own families of such persons should also pull them up for indulging in such acts.