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The political misadventures of Dr. Farooq Abdullah have crossed all the limits of democratic norms: MLC Ramesh Arora

MLC Ramesh Arora said that Dr. Farooq Abdulla former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir made a statement yesterday stating therein that Secular fabric of the country was being eroded. Mr. Abdullah further said that minorities in the country are living under an atmosphere of fear and anxiety as various State Governments and the Center Government has tragically failed to speak unequivocally on the issue. It was stated in a public rally by Dr. Farooq Abdullah at Karnataka.
Mr. Arora said that previously also his remarks over POK were shameful and against the Constitution of J&K State and that of India. Mr. Arora said that the matter is serious now. Exceptional and rare rest incidents if any cannot be justified and law will prevail but India is a secular, democratic and peace-loving country and leaders like Dr. Farooq Abdullah are bent upon to create a dent in secular fabric of the country. This type of attempt is against basic spirit and nationality of his country he added. Deep-rooted heritage is oneness in all i.e God is there inside every human being or in other words there is only one Atma which is present in every human being.
Mr. Arora said that political misadventures of Dr. Farooq Abdullah have crossed all the limits of democratic norms. Nation and its identity cannot be challenged and it has been done by Dr. Farooq Abdullah.
Mr. Arora said that it is political militancy and it is also responsible in spoiling peaceful atmosphere of Kashmir region. Dr. Farooq Abdullah never said a single word over the killing of innocents, police persons, Army persons and other members of Para military forces brutally killed by militants and he want to spoil the national character of our country at International level due to frustration being out of power in J&K state.
Mr. Arora also said that Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi have also condemned such provocative words spoken earlier. Now it is time to repeat 1953 and keep him at a place which was loved for sometime by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. India as a nation is secular country respecting and providing a peaceful atmosphere to grow within Constitution and in the hearts of every Indian irrespective of his cast, creed and religion. It is time to curb such tendencies and Dr. Farooq Abdullah must tender an unconditional apology to the nation he added.