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Vibodh Calls on DGP: Asks for Timely Probe to Recent BGSBU Incident

Asks VC BGSBU to make public the report of investigation committee

BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta today called on Director General of Police Sh. K Rajindra and urged him for a speedy investigation into the recent incident of violence at BGSBU Rajouri. He informed DGP that a large number of vehicles were burnt and many innocent students were beaten-up but till date the culprits of this incident have not been booked. He further elaborated that some mischievous elements who never want peace and development of state are behind this incident of violence at the BGSBU campus. He said that these elements have flared up this and wanted to disturb the peace and harmony in the region. He called upon DGP that J&K police must give due and regular attention to this case of violence which it deserves. DGP assured the MLC that J&K police is keeping a regular eye on this case and once the report of investigation committee is received by police, stern action will be taken against all the culprits. DGP also assured his full support to all those who want to maintain peace and harmony and at the same time warned the mischievous elements that their acts to disturb peace and harmony will never be tolerated.
Latter through a media statement Vibodh asked the Vice Chancellor of BGSBU to immediately make the probe committee report public so that common citizens of Rajouri must know the facts behind these acts of violence at a educational institutions. Vibodh also warned the mischievous elements behind this case that they will never be allowed to disturb peace and harmony at a pious educational institution which has been named after a great saint of Rajouri and Poonch. Vibodh assured the civil society of Rajouri that he will regularly follow this case and will not rest till the guilty have been brought to book and justice has been done.