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View of RSS chief Bhagwat on Hindutva is a national view: Hari Om


Taking on fake secular and minority appeaser parties like Congress, BSP, SP, CPI, CPI-M and JDU for their unwarranted criticism of RSS chief Mohan Bhawat, Prof Hari Om, political advisor to BJP state president Jugal Kishore Sharma (MP), on Tuesday said that the view of the RSS chief on Hindutva needed to be appreciated by all right-thinking people of the country. “RSS chief’s view that all the inhabitants of Hindustan are Hindus, Hindu is a geo-cultural word and Hindutva is a way of life is a rational and national view that needs to be appreciated by one and all. What RSS chief said at Cuttack (Odisha) on Sunday was also the opinion of the constitutional bench of Supreme Court of India. In 1995, Supreme Court in its landmark judgment had said that Hindutva is a way of life and Hindus could be of any religion worshipping any God or not worshipping at all. Even the votary of two-nation concept and founder of pro-British Aligarh Movement Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and former Judge of the Supreme Court and a highly respectable Muslim M.C Chhagla had expressed similar view. Sir Syed Ahmand Khan had even went to extent of bemoaning why he was not being called a Hindu,” said Prof Hari Om, and added that the manner in which Congress, BSP, SP, CPI, CPI-M and JDU criticized RSS chief simply indicated that their leadership has not learned any lesson from their humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha election.
Prof Hari Om reminded the perverted leadership of these pseudo-secular outfits that India was partitioned in August 1947 on the basis of two-nation theory to set up Muslim Pakistan and that Dr. B.R Ambedkar, chairman of constitution drafting committee, had repeatedly expressed the view that if India was to be partitioned, then there had to be an exchange of population to the maximum possible extent. “RSS chief was absolutely correct when he said if citizens of USA could be called Americans, those of Germany Germans, those of England British, those of France French and so on, why can’t the citizens of Hindustan be called Hindus,” he said, adding that only those who suffer from an inferiority complex and have all along pitted followers of one religion against the followers of other and set one caste against another oppose the rational and national view as advocated by RSS chief for vote-bank politics without realizing that the ground situation in the country has undergone a radical change and more and more people are joining the nation-building crusade. Why the parties like the Congress hate and despise the word Hindu? He asked.
“India is a secular and liberal country where everyone has the right to free speech and follow and practice any religion. Hindustan is the only country in the world where all religions flourish and bloom because the Hindus are liberal by tradition and conviction,” Prof. Hari Om further said, and added that this is the beauty of the country, called Hindustan. Indeed, RSS chief hit the nail on the head when he opined that the cultural identity of all Indians is Hindutva and the present inhabitants of the country are descendants of this great culture, Prof Hari Om also said, and rejected the perverted view of the Congress and similar other outfits that RSS has been seeking to convert Hindustan into a theocratic state. He expressed hope that parties like the Congress would see the writing on the wall, revisit the ancient history of Hindustan to know the truth and refashion their whole approach towards this great land. “Instead of criticizing RSS chief and his well-considered views, the Congress and similar other fake secular outfits should take on and defeat regressive forces represented by parties like the ruling National Conference, which have contempt for the minorities,” he also said, adding that the time of regressive, divisive and communal politics is over.