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Women empowerment crucial to boost child sex ratio: Bijral

Neglect of women and patriarchal society failure for centuries to know their inherent capabilities netted the imbalanced situation with girls ratio sharply falling vis a vis boys (CSR). Women empowerment is the crucial answer for country to boost critically fallen Child Sex Ratio.
Mentioning of likes of Kadambni Ganguli, Chander Mukhi Basu first Indian women graduates of 1883; Kamala Sohonie first woman Ph.D 1912- 1998 who worked with great Indian Physicist Noble Laureate C.V.Raman ; Mrs Vijaya Laxmi Pandit first woman President of UN General Assembly in 1953 and twice President of Indian National Congress; Santosh yadav climbed Mount Everest twice; Aarti Saha crossed English Channel, former IGP S.S.Bijral and State Convener of BBBP addressing parents teachers and students congregation at TAPS HR. Sec. School Jourian said girls excelled where ever they were to counter falling girl child ratio women need to be empowered to let society know their inherent but hidden potentials towards nation building.
Bijral said girls are increasingly outshining boys academically and capturing fields once considered male fiefdom. But a conscious effort both at administrative and societal level is called for to redeem the critical CSR developed in the country. In J&K state out of 22 districts, 15 are listed critical with abysmally fallen CSR, in the country.
Taking a dig at spouse of Aruna Choudhary MoS Higher Education and School Education Punjab govt., who chairs department meetings and meets MLAs who come to meet the minister said it was high time patriarchal society reposed its trust in women capabilities. He lauded spouse of Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu’s spouse the erstwhile MLA East Amritsar who has taken to be the PA of her husband without salary to assist him in his ministerial responsibilities.
Anju Dogra the member state committee BBBP and principal TAPS Hr. Secondary School also highlighted the bias society somehow nurtured about girl child and affected its growth and development.